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          Please remember that whenever you book a tour or cruise with Riverside Tours, you should consider three things, your thirst, your hunger, and the weather. Our shortest tours are at least two hours long, and you may get a little hungry and thirsty along the way. Be sure to pack a lunch, or if you are taking the party cruise, bring the party essentials. 

          Also, please be advised that the weather could be one way on land and completely different out on the bay. It may be a little cooler on the water, so in the cooler months, don't forget to bring a sweater,  jacket, or coat along to keep the chill off. Keep an eye out for rainy conditions and although we are completely covered, bring your rain gear.


Don't Forget...

Bring Your favorite beverage.

Bring your favorite dish.

Dress for the weather.

If you would like to book the boat for a private party, you must reserve at least twenty-five seats with 20% deposit.

What You Need to Bring With You

Our Tours

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