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Everybody has questions, and we try our best to take care of them here. If you don't see your question answered here, then give us a call at (941) 209-0203

Question - How many people can fit on your boat?

Answer   -  We can fit 40 passengers according to Coast Guard regulations.

Question - Can we bring children?

Answer   -  Yes, children are more than welcome on our "Day Tours."

                        However, our "Sunset Cruise" is catered to adults, and we recommend leaving the kids at home because there will be loud music, drinking, adult language, etc., by the other passengers, and we will not be responsible for what your children will be exposed to during the trip.

Question - Can I play my own music?

Answer   -  No, we have had complaints from people who live along the river and hear lewd and obnoxious lyrics from some of the more contemporary music brought on board. We have an extensive music library onboard from the 50s to the 2000s. We can also take requests when the Internet is working properly.

Question - Do you provide food and drinks?

Answer   -  We do not provide food and drinks, but we let you bring along your favorite beverages and meals. We could easily lower our prices and sell refreshments on board, but the prices would be sky-high. We found it's cheaper for everybody if we let you bring your stuff from home. We're sure that if you check around, you will agree.

Question - Can I bring alcohol aboard?

Answer   -  Yes. However, during our Pub Crawls, you may not take alcohol off the boat with you.

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