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Contest and Drawing Rules

Monthly Free Ticket Drawing

          Captain Jennifer (the M C) or a qualified substitute will host our monthly drawing for two free tickets aboard the River Skipper II, which will be shown as a video on YouTube.

            Winners are chosen at random through the following process:

            The M C spins a quarter to determine if the count is from the top or bottom of the selected page taken from the list. A "Guest Host" assistant will turn a cage, mixing the proper number of balls equal to the number of pages on our printed list of newsletter subscribers.

            The first ball to drop will designate the page number to be singled out from the list of names.

The Ball will then be returned to the cage, and the cage will then be turned a second time, revealing the number counted either from the top of the page or the bottom, depending on the predetermined spin of the quarter, heads the count is from the top, and tails from the bottom. This count will determine who will be the winner.

          Once the name of the winner is revealed, their name will be shown on the video. The winner will have until midnight on the last day of the particulate month the drawing is held in to contact Riverside Tours Inc. to claim their prize. The winner contact Riverside Tours via a phone call (wherein the winner must disclose their email address for verification) or directly through the newsletter (wherein the email address will be automatically verified).

          Each page has forty (40) names except the last page, which may have less than forty.

In the event the last page is chosen, the cage will be turned and numbers drawn until a legitimate winning number turns up.

            Riverside Tours Inc. retains the right to change these rules without notification. All judgments concerning this giveaway by Riverside Tours are final.

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