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Get More Cruise for Your Hard Earned Dollar!

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July 4th


Best Prices in Bradenton /Anna Maria Island!

The Largest Tiki Boat in Florida

  Onboard Rest Room!  

Less Than a Mile Across the River From Bradenton!

Only Ten Miles East of Anna Maria Island!

          Palmetto, Florida, is the home of the Riverskipper 2, the first and only tiki boat on the Manatee River. The River Skipper 2 is a 2006 Trident 45, which carries up to 40 passengers on a fun-filled guided tour of the Manatee River, Terra Ciea Bay, and Lower Tampa Bay. Or take a “trip the light fantastic” party cruise downriver with some of the best music ever created by the human imagination.

          Built for an incredible evening party or a relaxing day downriver, our tiki boat will fit the bill for folly and fun. Yes, you can “Tiki on the Manatee” and party heartily with your favorite food and drink, which you can bring abroad to make your trip more personalized. Or relax while gazing at historical sights and local wildlife while lounging on our comfortable, uniquely arranged seating with enough room for dancing or sightseeing along the way.

          We are docked at Regatta Pointe Marina right across the river from Bradenton in Palmetto, FL., and are ready to take you and your group on an unforgettable adventure in our newly renovated tiki boat. You can book one of our three daily outings. We offer two family-friendly tours, one at 10:00 am and one at 1:00 pm., or our adult-oriented Sunset Cruise beginning 45 minutes before sunset. We also provide Pub Crawls, which are 4 hours long, and Beach Runs (also 4 hours). We are available for birthdays, weddings, business meetings, memorial services, charters, and much more!

          Now out on Anna Maria Island, there are plenty of tiki boat rides out there, but none compare to the largest tiki boat in Florida. They are small and can't provide the comfort and room for a party as we can.

          We also have a restroom with running water and complimentary water and ice for your drinks. And we have padded seating and plenty of tables to go around. Your comfort is our main concern on the River Skipper II and you will be surprised at how our seating is arranged for a much more social environment. 

          Many of the tiki boats on Anna Maria Island can only fit you and five of your friends, but what if you have ten, twelve, or fifteen friends who would like to come along?

          Well. then that's when you call Riverside Tours Inc for the wildest party on the Manatee River. We are only a mere ten miles from Anna Maria Island and we have some of the best music ever created by the human imagination. And if we don't have it, you can request your favorite song and listen to it on our amazing sound system.

          Now as you listen to your favorite song and you feel like getting up to dance, please feel free to do so. We promote dancing on the River Skipper II. And we have plenty of room to "cut a rug" on board from line dancing to conga lines and everything else in between. 

          So if you're planning to visit the Bradenton area, we are conveniently situated right across the river, Only a stone's throw away from the Bradenton Museum and downtown Bradenton.

Our TV Commercial

So Come and

"Tiki on the Manatee"

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Largeast tiki boat in Florida face
River Skipper II
River Skipper II
River Skipper II

If you’re gonna have fun,

it’s more fun on the water.

If you’re having fun on the water,

You should be on a boat.

If you’re having fun on a boat

It’s more fun on a tiki boat.

If you’re gonna be on a tiki boat,

it should be the best.

If you’ve tried the rest

Now try the best

Let’s “Tiki on the Manatee” together!

We Don't Serve Food and Drink Aboard the River Skipper II.

But You Can Bring Your Favorite Food and Drink Aboard With You.

Be Creative and Personalize Your Trip to Your Liking.

Food & Drink 001
Food & Drink 003
Food & Drink 005
Riverside Tours
Food & Drink 002

You are limited only by your imagination.

Check out our tours and pricing.

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What We Offer

Here at Riverside Tours, you're not just along for the ride. When you board the River Skipper II on one of our guided tours, you are completely immersed in an interactive experience. There is nothing comparable in the Bradenton/Sarasota area.

We Have a Rest Room Onboard
Bring Along Your Favorite Food & Drink

We Are the Largest Tiki Boat in Florida
We Can Accommodate Up to 40 Passengers
Ann 002

The perfect summertime activity. Lets get out on the water early before the sun has a chance to heat things up. Check out the sites, the ecology and the history soaked Manatee River and drink in the Riverside Tours experience.

Pub Crawl

Our afternoon guided tours are, made to order, for those who like to sleep in. Just like the "Cooler Morning Tour," a knowledgeable narrator will guide you through the channels and inlets in and around the Manatee River

Sunset Cruise

Our most popular cruise, the sunsets can dazzle your eyes and stir your imagination into vestiges of romance  as the evening begins its twilight song. Then, as we cruise back up the river, don your dancing shoes and prepare to trip the night fantastic as the party gets underway.

Beach Run

Pub Crawl

Our ultimate party cruise created for the party animal. We cruise the Manatee River and visit the local watering holes along the way. The music is loud and the spirits are high as the River Skipper II cuts a course through  brackish waters where the names of local establishments ring out at our ports of call.

Beach Run

Beach Run

There is nothing quite like the soft sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. We can get you to an exotic getaway where sand and surf embrace with soft caresses and salty kisses.

We have several beaches to choose from including a clothing optional shore where there are natives in the area who are free-spirited and will shed all their clothing at the drop of a hat. Yes, there will be nudity.

Largeast Tiki Boat in Florida Underway


There is much more than meets the eye here at Riverside Tours. We can do much more than most tour boats in our area. You can charter the River Skipper II for All kinds of events, such as, baptisms, graduations, weddings, receptions, funerals, memorials, and so much more. We are here for you, and you are limited only by your imagination.

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